Medallion Hunt Clues

The 2016 Medallion Has been found by Paige Robling, Alex Schindler, Megan Schindler and Mark Robling, on Tuesday around 8:30 pm close to the Bountiful Basket by the pole in front of Love Inc..

Let us know how we are doing on this. Feel free to offer Feedback or send in a comment on this webiste. We are always looking for new hiders and clue writers. If interested leave your name, number, email with Cindy Hall 952.200.2137

The first Clue will be posted on Saturday, July 23th at 2:00 pm. The following clues will be posted 2pm daily Monday through Saturday until medallion is found. Clues can also be found at the Kiosk in City Square Park, at the Chaska Community Center and at the Chaska Historical building.



It is that time of year
The Medallion Hunt is here
Time to learn about community
Looking here and there

Where can it be?
Not buried, nor in or near water
Get a group together to lend a hand
It is on Public land

So much is happening in Chaska this year
To find this treasure would be dear
Come one, come all
Look to and fro

Follow the clues
To see where they go

DID YOU KNOW? This is the reason we have Chaska River City Days


Look North, South East and West
We all know Chaska is the best
Buildings have come up
Some have come down

Some on the hill
Some in town
These get used often enough
Some are made of sturdy stuff

From critters to jeans
Dinners to beans
Looking here
You can find a means

DID YOU KNOW? There are 17 of these in Chaska.

Clue 3

This festival is for one and all
Winter, spring, summer and fall
Your needs are heeded
No thanks are ever needed

Send it here, or send it there
Or call the building if you care
Some earn their own
For they reap what is sown

You must go up
Around the bend
You are close to the end

Many do this to help their cause
Take some time to think and pause
“Can you help?” that is the key
To what Chaska River City Days means to me

Did you know? There are 23 of these in Chaska area.

Clue 4

So now we have you north
We have you around the bend
Around the neighborhoods I will send

I am close to one of 23
I am close to to and fro
You decide which way to go

Remember RCD is the clue
To what you must do
To help your neighbor
To help your friend

Don’t look up
I am not there
On the ground is where I stare

I see four corners
I see a road
I see a building
I see a toad

Did you know? This area has had a new building, a repurposed building and a new bridge.

Clue 5 and done

I hope by now you have found me
I sit at the bottom of a pole
Love is all around me
Near vegies all in a row

With 17 schools in Chaska
District 112 plus some
With 23 churches to choose from
Your good works can be done

Chaska River City Days
Is all about Community
The non-profits are the first to give
To make this the BEST place to live

Did you know? Chaska River City Days is put on so the Non-Profits can earn their funds to help the community. There are just a handful of people who volunteer their time to help with this venture. Ask how you can help.

A note from the Hider and Writer of this year

“The theme was the Non-Profits, lending a hand, schools (first call for help by many families) and churches (provides meals and resources), Bountiful Basket (Food) and Love Inc (pulls church resources together). There are so many more in town that I was not aware of. Oh and by the way this was not an easy task” This is what I learned about Chaska this year. Will consider doing again. Sincerely Hider and Writer