Medallion Hunt Clues

medallion winners2017  Medallion Winners 2017
Husfeldt’s, Kim & Cory with Lucas and Braydon

U-Can-Tan Sponsor
Crafter Prize from Ruby Topaz-The Maloney’s

The 2017 Medallion Has been found  on Friday around 5:30 pm. Between Chasers and Coopers in the green space between the 2 buildings. At the base of the largest tree in that area.

Let us know how we are doing on this. Feel free to offer Feedback or send in a comment on this website. We are always looking for new hiders and clue writers. If interested leave your name, number, email with Cindy Hall 952.200.2137

The Clue hider and writer sent their cheat sheet as to how they developed their thoughts. As you may see it is fun to do and just a simple line can make a difference. The Writers tips are in red below.

The first Clue will be posted on Saturday, July 21st (2018) at 2:00 pm. The following clues will be posted 2pm daily Monday through Saturday until medallion is found. Clues can also be found at the Kiosk in City Square Park, at the Chaska Community Center and at the Chaska Historical building.



It is that time of year
The Medallion Hunt is here
Time to learn about community
And celebrating with revelry (Beverages and supplies from Coopers Foods and Chasers)

Where can it be?
Not buried, nor in or near water
Get a group together to lend a hand
It is on Public land (Green space not to be developed)

So much is happening in Chaska this year (River City Days-Downtown celebration)
To find this treasure would be dear
Whether your just two or over fifty
Finding this treasure would be nifty

DID YOU KNOW? Chaska has history going back to 1851, when it was extablished. Although this area was inhabited prior to 1769 by the Mound Builders, later known as the Dakota, commonly known as the Sioux. This is why we “Respect the Mounds” during city events. (Chaska History site)

Clue 2

With all the new
Chaska is still old (referencing downtown)
Planned for 50,000 (referencing Jonathon-in paper by the library exhibit)
So I’ve been told

They built up,
They built down
Up on the hill
And down in the town

There are plenty of activities
For so many families (Cooper’s Family)
Good deeds to do (Pick up trash, volunteer)
From us to you

DID YOU KNOW? “Everything is laid out so that not even a tree will be disturbed if we can help it” Quoted by a person with vision for this area. (red herring taking folks to Jonathon)

Clue 3

Flexibility and diversity (As the town develops businesses move and change with it-Smiling Olive moved up the hill)
Make changes happen (U-Can-Tan)
From six to three (Chaska used to have 6 grocers now there are 3)
Is where we be

From 2050 to 1966 (the population difference when Coopers Foods first started in Chaska-Census information)
We were brought from the sticks (Development of Jonathon-50th Anniversary)
We are able to go from here to there (Paths around town)
Never a worry, never a care (Low crime time)

Visit our sponsors (Chasers)
And you may see
Just how close
I may be

DID YOU KNOW? “Chaska businessmen were very entrepreneurial. Area merchants demonstrated great flexibility, and many stores changed with times and circumstances.” (found in the Chaska History pages on the web site)

Clue 4

Each year for River City Days
The businesses participate (Business Bucks-the prize the winners get)
To keep this hunt afloat
So folks can learn about this town so great

I am down low
for children to find
But if a grown up finds me
I don’t mind

Surrounded by fences (There is a fence behind Chasers that wraps around to the Coopers Side)
I smell and see foods (there is a fence that goes behind Chasers and rounds around to the Coopers side of the lot-Right by that Taco truck)
When you find me it will be good

DID YOU KNOW? Chaska is in the process of planning some new areas which will be mean that older businesses will have to flex once again. (The Klien bank area and the strip mall are going to be redeveloped to include a larger library-the businesses in the mall will have to move-China Pagoda may be moveing to the OLD KFC Buiklding)



Clue 5

There was 3 C’s (Chasers, Coopers, China Pagoda-possible)
There will be again
There is another C close to me (Chair)
Find me soon, don’t leave me be

In between East and West (closer to the center of Chestnut Blvd)
If you find me, you are the best
Seems forever for this rhyme
So just think about the time

Time to relax
and entertain
One sees this participant
Again and again (Chasers, Sarpino’s)

DID YOU KNOW? “…A Better World He Plans, Where Joy Is At Hand And People Can Live In Peace And Plenty” (The quote on the bench by Coopers lot)

The Medallion was found before final post

Clue 6

So I hear many are looking for me
It is as fun as fun can be
I hope they are learning lots about town
I also hope that you are looking way way down

I am in a protected space (by the tree base out of lawn mower range)
At the bottom, at the base (of a tree)
I wish I could go round and round
But the other C has someone sitting down (chair)

Read the local news (Herald comes out on Thursday)
And visit history (on Fourth street)
This is what the Hunt is
Meant to be

So this one is longer
As I am at my end
If you can’t find me
Bring a friend, have a taco, sit, relax (Taco stand and bench)

I sit in the green
Between 2 browns (Coopers Foods is brown and so is Chasers)
In a wrapper (p.s. I look like trash…are you keeping Chaska Beautiful?)
I am by the biggest around

The City will not build right here
My Glenn is green space
You have to go low
But when you find me, you will glow

To the left (at the bench go left)
Look on down
You will find me
On the ground

Did you know? I smell Tacos’, I am thirsty for an adult beverage and need some chips, sodas, tissues. I have a place close by to get this. Circa 1917 (Coopers Foods opened in Chaska-This the their 100th Anniversary).


Thank you for all that did the hunt this year. Thank you to our 2017 Clue Hider and Clue Writer. I sincerely hope that this event teaches folks a bit about Chaska as well as provide a fun, FREE event for singles and families alike. I am on my hunt for the 2018 pair of writer/hunter. Contact Cindy Hall if interested. 952.200.2137








6 Responses to Medallion Hunt Clues

  1. Stephen Lauterbach says:

    Clue number 6?

  2. JE says:

    Could you post where the 2017 medallion was found? We are all wondering!

  3. Pam says:

    We truly enjoy hunting for the medallion, it’s fun to work with friends and family. As you stated it’s fun to see all the beauty Chaska has to offer. That being said I have a few problems with this years hunt. First of all we feel the author was more interested in misleading the hunters than leading them too it, which takes some of the fun out of it for families. Secondly, the place the medallion was hidden was not located by any of the beauty in Chaska, in fact it was in a dangerous place for children. Broken glass, empty beer cans, old clothes. We were there when young family found it so we know area. Show the beauty safely. It’s a fun experience and we will continue to do so, just my thoughts I took away this year.

    • mrrcd2012 says:


      Thank you for your comments, the hunt only gets better when we hear from participants.

      Each hider and writer gets general instructions as to where not to hide the medallion. One of the criteria is not in or near water. The other is to make accessible to kids as well as parents. The hiders (each one new year to year) do their best to put the medallion in a safe location. One of the first things the writers have done is mention to keep Chaska Beautiful-which to me would mean, there may be garbage around. General caution should always be taken when on the hunt each year. As to what is written in the clues is totally up to the writer. If they pick a theme (I believe it was Coopers this year-from what I gathered on the clues), it is up to them where they take folks or which direction. The goal is to teach about Chaska and I for one learned about the history of the markets in Chaska. I am still trying to figure out the numbers referenced in some of the clues. The clue writer did send some notes at the end and these are posted for all to see as to where their head was at when writing. I as the mediator of the hunt will take extra caution as to setting the guidelines when hiding. I have had teenagers and grade school kids hide and write the clues as well as Grandparents and new folks from town. I also invite you to hide or team up with the hider next year to hide and or write clues. It is a fun event and I am happy that you and your team hunted and hope to hear from you soon.


      Cindy Hall

      Arts & Craft Coordinator
      Medallion Hunt Coordinator
      Volunteers Coordinator

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